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V765 Full Zip Utility Pouch

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V765 Pouch Loop Tape
V765 Rear View
This rear view shows the MOLLE/Pals and the Snake StrapsTM

The V765 (7 inches vertical x 6.5” horizontal) Full Zip Utility Pouch was spun off from a large individual first aid kit pouch. Many of the Drop Zone customers expressed a huge like for zipper closed utility pouches. They like the security these pouches offered for small parts (as long as the zips are done up!). They also like the ability to open the zipper as little or as much as they want, to control access.

Listening to the customers, as good designers should, the Drop Zone designers came up with a large clamshell, full zip opening utility pouch. It measures a whopping 7 inches vertical x 6.5” horizontal x 3” thick. It uses a YKK zipper, with two way sliders. Being a full zip, the pouch opens like a clam shell, giving the user complete and unfettered access to the contents. This pouch is already gaining favor among Medical and EOD technicians due to its size and access.

V765 Loop Tape
In this photo you can see how the pouch opens up like a clam shell for easy access to the contents.

As usual the Drop Zone Designers did not stop at size and access, they lined the rear wall of the pouch with loop tape. The loop tape allows the use hook tape and hook taped organizers such as the Drop Zone SNRTs.

The outside front flap of features a 2” square loop for the application of identifiers such as first aid crosses and IR markers. Inside the flap you will find a slip pocket, handy for note paper, pens and other small personal items.

The pouch is fully MOLLE compatible and uses the now famous Drop Zone Snake Straps™ for attachment.

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V765 Vest
This rear view shows the MOLLE/Pals and the Snake StrapsTM
V765 Pouch with SNRT

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Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
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V765 Pouch Data Sheet
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