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Stun Grenade Pouch

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Combat tough almost seems cliché, but it is the only phrase that truly describes the construction of our Stun Grenade Pouch. Designed for the “large” (see Data Sheet) M18/M25 Smoke/Stun Grenades, it is built for business.

First we used our, now familiar M.U.L.E.S. Mk2™ mounting system to give the pouch modularity. The M.U.L.E.S. Mk2™ is compatible with virtually any MOLLE/PALS system on the market.

Next we had our designers ring the perimeter of the pouch with a web bandoleer. This bandoleer allows the user to “index” the grenade’s spoon placement. The indexing of the spoon insures that the grenadier, whether left or right handed, will always place the grenade correctly in his palm, no matter what side of his load bearing gear he mounts the pouch. This increases the safety factor, for the grenadier as well as other team members in the immediate vicinity.

The retaining flap is beefed up over standard pouches by the addition of heavy webbing sewn under the Cordura® fabric. Not only does this help keep the ordnance in place, but helps the pouch last longer, especially when exposed to the sharp metal edges of the fuse assembly.

Longer lasting gear translates to lower operational costs!

The flap is secured with a fast releasing bayonet buckle.

As per Drop Zone SOP the Stun Grenade Pouch is finished off with a mil-spec, black oxide grommet on the base, which provides drainage of water and small debris.

Got flash bang fever? Help satisfy the need with our Drop Zone Stun Grenade Pouch. Order today.

Colors and Part Numbers:

Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
PenCott Green Zone
Pencott Green Zone
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