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Drop Zone Siamese Shingles
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The “shingle” style mag pouch is a relatively new type of magazine pouch. This mag pouch, due to its MOLLE compatibility can be layered, much like shingles on a roof. Many companies build a “shingle”. Who the inventor is, we do not know, but as we have gained a reputation for, we at Drop Zone, think we have improved the original design.

Our Improvement?

Our retention strap. While other shingles rely on a fixed shock cord that you roll to one side of the mag or the other, our design actually lifts the shock cord right off the mag for quick and simple access.

As our shingle is a twin pouch so we have designated it the “Siamese Shingle”. As per usual for Drop Zone it is made from mil-spec 1000d air textured nylon with a urethane coating. Following Drop Zone SOP each pocket has drain holes. All of our Siamese Shingles are M.U.L.E.S Mk2 which means they are ALICE, MALICE, and MOLLE compatible.

We offer the Siamese Shingle in versions to fit popular rifle magazines:

Colors and Part Numbers:


Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
PenCott Green Zone
Pencott Green Zone
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