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Shot Shell SNRT

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SNRT Open Flat
The Shot Shell SNRT as it comes to you, minus the specialty round of course!
SNRT Interior with Shell
We've folded and stuffed the Shot Shell SNRT into the Magnum Sniper Ammo Pouch. The hook & loop taped holds your load secure, so it's ready when you are.
SNRT with Shells
Here is the Magnum Sniper Ammo Pouch, with the Shot Shell SNRT loaded for action!
V74 Zip Pouch
This is the Drop Zone V74 Zip Utility Pouch. It has proven to be a popular pouch choice for use with the Shot Shell SNRT. Zip closed with the SNRT inside, it takes.
SNRT with V74 Half Open
Note how the SNRT folds to fit the unzipped V74 Utility Pouch. What a fit!

Even before MOLLE the philosophy for military and police kit has been one of modularity. Modularity allows the user to set up the kit to meet his needs. The only option is an expensive one, and that is to have the gear custom built.

Drop Zone’s crafty designers started to sew loop tape into selected pouches several years ago...

It’s as if they knew something...

What did they know?


Hook tape attached inserts! Code named SNRTs (Yes they really do call them snrts)

This insert designed to hold ten (or less) 12 gauge shot shells. Basically a bandoleer for special shot gun rounds. Special shot gun rounds such as breaching rounds, flares, batons, and slugs can now be carried handy, and separate from standard from the standard rounds, in a variety of Drop Zone pouches that feature inner mounting loop tape.

Two of the most popular pouches to mount the Shot Shell Snrt in are the Magnum Sniper Ammo Pouch, and the V74 Utility Pouch. These pouches are carried now by many Drop Zone users, so the expense of buying a purpose built pouch for specialty shot gun rounds is avoided. Likewise if the mission task for the shot gunner changes, the Shot Shell Snrt can be removed and the pouches can continue in their original roll.

The Shot Shell Snrt is ideal for Swat, Riot Control, Animal Control, and infantry.

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#17-130438 Shot Shell SNRT
"The SNRT concept is brilliant! You can mount it in a variety of Drop Zone pouches!"
SNRT with V74 Open
Here is the same V74 opened for action . Note the great access to the munitions.
SNRT on a Vest with a Breaching Round
A small child has accidently locked herself in the public restroom at Drop Zone's head-quarters.
Thankfully the boss is prepared.
He has a breaching round in his SNRT!

He is Using a Garrison Grade Com-Lite MOLLE Vest. The SNRT is in a Magnum Sniper Ammo Pouch.

Now we know why he is the boss... he thinks of everything!

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