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M67 Fragmentation Grenade Pouch
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Our Fragmentation Grenade Pouch, like many of our products, was born out of desperation. Canadian soldiers, who’s equipment had been neutered by decades of peacekeeping rather than war fighting were issued load bearing vests that had many short comings. One of which was a frag grenade pocket that did not properly fit the M-67 grenade used by the Canucks.

Most troops claimed the pocket was too tight, making it difficult to remove the grenade under stress.

Many soldiers, frustrated with this and other load carry issues associated with the army supplied vest, went out and bought MOLLE/PALS capable load bearing platforms with their own money. These same troops came to us for many of these platforms and requested a frag grenade pouch to go along with it.

Hence the Drop Zone Fragmentation Grenade Pouch was created.

First our designers knowing that grenades have sharp corners in the fuse area, reinforced the tongue style flap by using two layers of 1000 denier mil-spec air bulked nylon sandwiching a heavy duty nylon webbing core. Not stopping there, our designers extended this reinforcement down the back of the pouch to give the MOLLE/PALS compatible webbing a stable foundation. This stiffening of the pouch helps to eliminate “bouncing” of the loaded pouch.

Continuing on, our designers kept up with our SOP and gave the pouch floor a mil-spec black oxide grommet. The grommet assures dust and water egress.

But the features don’t stop here. Perhaps the most important features incorporated by the Drop Zone design team are the index slots. Three fabric slots run around the perimeter of the pouch. One on each side and one at the front. These slots are for the grenades spoon placement. By indexing the spoon the grenadier can pull out the grenade with the weak hand and properly place the spoon in the web/palm of the throwing hand. The slots are deep enough to help defend against “spoon snagging” yet short enough the pouch can be visually checked for load status.

Finally the whole load secured by an adjustable, yet stationary mounted pouch buckle. No hook and loop to wear out and no fumbling with a sewn on side release buckle.

Why trust your life to a lesser pouch?

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