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Another customer driven design, our G36 Magazine pouch is designed for, as you would assume by its designation, Hk’s G36 Mags. The G36 Mags are of a polymer construction and clip together. Our mag pouch is sized to fit two of these mags clipped together as a unit.

This pouch use our MULES Mk2 mounting system which is fully ALICE and MOLLE/PALS compatible.

The full cap style lid uses a polymer stiffener to help hold its shape. Holding the shape helps the lid lift easily and fall closed without effort, helping to insure quick reloads.

Our designers even went to the effort of mounting the mil-spec nylon pouch buckle outside of the main pocket to prevent any chance of the buckle plate snagging on the magazine. But the attention to the small details does not end here. The pouch features a mil-spec, black oxide coated, brass grommeted, drain hole to aid the exit of unwanted debris and water.

As well, both, the left and right hand sides of the pouch sport MOLLE/PALS for the addition of smaller pouches, such as pistol mag or flashlight pouches.

Colors and Part Numbers:


Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
PenCott Green Zone
Pencott Green Zone
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G36 Magazine Pouch
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