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Fireball Flashlight Pouch

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Tactical lighting technology has never been better than it is today, but like many things with that technology comes a high price.

Tactical flashlights ain’t cheap!

Unless you’re a member of some elite government team, you have to pay for your high tech lights out of your pocket. Loosing a multi-hundred dollar pocket light is not an option. Unfortunately most of the tactical lights do not come with pouches and those that do, usually come with a simple pouch with a poor quality, off shore, hook and loop flap closure that is almost guaranteed to fail when you lest want it to.

Reach for you light and poof, its not there!

Our designers could see a demand for a well thought out tactical light pouch and came up with the Fireball Flashlight Pouch. The mounting system is Drop Zones MULES Mk2 design so it is totally MOLLE/PALS compatible. The Fireball Flashlight Pouch can be attached to anything from belts to backpacks to vests.

The Fireball is sized to fit most popular handheld tactical flash lights form such reputable makers as Pelican, Pentagon, Surefire, and Streamlight. To be more specific it will hold lamps with an approximate diameter ranging from 1” (25mm) to 1¼” (33mm) and an overall length running from 4½” (115mm) to 6¼” (160mm).

The secret to Fireball’s great retention capability is in the cut of the pocket. Rather than having a horizontal opening , the opening edge, on each side, is angled downward toward the rear of the pouch. These “angled cut outs” are actually designed as finger access for pulling the flashlight out of the pouch. Making a deep pouch to insure the flashlight does not migrate out is not a trick unto itself, but removing the flashlight from the deep pocket without frustration certainly is! Hence a deep high retention pouch with finger cut outs for easy, yet purposeful removal.

Our designers are so switched on it almost makes us blush.

But detail to retention does not end here. Oh no. No full well the pitfalls of worn out hook and loop flaps, our design team fitted the Fireball with a bayonet style pouch buckle. And still not missing a trick, they mounted the female portion of the buckle on a strap, eliminating any chance of the flashlight hanging up in the buckles mounting plate!

Easy in, easy out, yet as long as you remember for close the flap, your flashlight stays put until you need it!

Genius, pure genius!

As is S.O.P. with Drop Zone designs, the pouch is fitted with a drain hole finished with a mil-spec grommet. The fabric is 1000d mil-spec air bulked nylon and the webbing is mil-spec as well.

Don’t risk loosing your expensive tactical light, order the Drop Zone Fireball Flashlight Pouch:

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Coyote Brown
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