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Corset Radio Pouch

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The Drop Zone Corset Radio Pouch series was inspired by radio pouch we built years ago, for a Chief Warrant Officer in Canadian Forces. The pouch was designed to fit the Selex Personal Role Radio. This radio required the pouch to be open on three sides. One of which was the bottom!

Never backing down from a challenge, the Drop Zone design team headed to the labs and came up with a unique lacing system that allowed total access to the base of the PRR radio and its cable jack ports.

Upon examination one design team remarked that it reminded her of how a corset laced up!

We were onto something.

Radios today have controls and ports that must be accessible from all sides and angles and our Corset design accomplishes the task. As important as the lacing concept is, the lace itself carries importance. To accommodate various sizes within a range of radios, design team selected shock cord. The elasticity of the shock cord stretches and contracts, providing a custom fit for the radio.

Another advantage of using shock cord for the lace, is that it can easily be moved out of the way with ones finger. This “stretchy” characteristic is handy when adjusting control knobs or operating push to talk buttons.

Sizing of the Corset for your particular need is simple The name of the Corset is actually the size of the pouch’s front fabric panel in inches. For example, the Corset 24 has a front panel of 2 inches by 4 inches while the Corset 36 has a fabric panel of 3 inches by 6 inches.

Finally a proper solution to your radio transport woes. Order a Corset today.

Colors and Part Numbers:

Part Number:Description:
17-130521CC02Corset Radio Pouch 24
17-130521CC03Corset Radio Pouch 35
17-130521CC04Corset Radio Pouch 36
Please note: "CC" refers to the color code, which is indicated below.
Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
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Additional Images

Corset Radio Pouch Front View
Front View
Corset Radio Pouch Rear View
Rear View
Corset Radio Pouch Left Hand View
Left Hand View. Note the access to the controls due to the corset style lacing.
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