C9 Stuff Daddy - Drop Zone Tactical

The C9 Stuff Daddy, was created by the designers at Garrison Grade, for use by soldiers who use empty C9 ammo drum pouches as utility pouches.

(The FN Minimi 5.56 mm Light Machine Gun is prolific among NATO forces. In Canada it is designated the C9. In the U.S. the M249 or SAW)

To fully understand this product, you must understand that the drum pouch was designed to allow quick acquisition of the C9 ammo drum. When properly designed, the pouch should not have a lid or flap that interferes with the quick removal of drum. Hence most flaps, on these drum pouches, are simple. They are not of the full coverage “cap” style prevalent on most military utility pouches. This design works well securing machine gun ammo drums, but it is not so good at securing little items such as spare batteries or socks that may find their way into the pouch.

The C9 Stuff Daddy turns your drum pouch into a very useful utility pouch.

A simple but ingenious idea, the C9 Stuff Daddy is a backpackers stuff sack cut and shaped to fit the drum pouch. Just pull the cord locked drawstring tight and all your belongings stay in the pouch and protected from the elements.

This Stuff Daddy is made from 420d mil-spec nylon with a rugged urethane backing. This backing coats the fabric and seals out dust and water. The cord lock from Duraflex…translation: durable.

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