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C9 Drum Pouch
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The SAW, C9, M249 or MINIMI. Call it what you want. It is probably the most prevalent 5.56 mm L.M.G. in NATO. Realizing this fact it was a “no brainer” for us at Drop Zone to come up with a MOLLE/PALS compatible ammunition drum pouch for this weapon.

In many security forces it is SOP for the rifleman to carry spare ammo belts for the machine gunner. In the case of the LMG we are discussing here, two 200 rnd plastic drums are the norm. So it is typical for the rifleman to dedicate two pouches, on his fighting load carrier to this task. The down side to this procedure is that when no machine gun ammo is required, the rifleman has two spare pouches, two use as utility pouches.

“Not a problem!” you say.

And you’d be right in some cases and terribly wrong in others. The problem comes from pouch designers that make this pouch a utility pouch before an ammo pouch. These designers tend to make the C9/M249/SAW pouch an all singing, all dancing utility pouch that is often bulky, expensive, multi piece and perhaps most frightening, difficult to remove the ammo drum from, in a hurry!

The Drop Zone design team, focusing on the pouches’ primary job of holding 200 round ammo drums, did just that, made a pouch that secures the drum yet allows the gunner to remove the drum for lightening, quick reloads.

The key to this smooth operation is in the lid design. The lid is small. An abbreviated version of our “cap” flap, used on our Rattle Resistor mag pouch. Unlike many other drum pouch designs on the market our flap does not interfere with the placement and removal of the ammo drum.

Of course all the usual construction features Drop Zone is known for are on this pouch. Seam bound interior seams, mil-spec 1000d nylon fabric, mil-spec easy to release pouch buckle, mil-spec drain hole grommet, and M.U.L.E.S. Mk2 mounting capability. But the features don’t end there, we given the pouch MOLLE compatible PALS on the front and sides….after all there is never enough real estate on an infantryman’s load bearing kit.

Order the C9/M249/SAW Ammo Drum Pouch that works…as a drum pouch!

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