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At first glance one would assume that an assault rifle magazine pouch would be a simple device to build. Just take some measurements, sew up a box, add a belt loop or two and your done!

Not so. That is why there are so many awful mag pouches on the market today. Designers are not giving the mag pouch its due. That is until now. When Canadian soldiers were mobilized for the War on Terrorism, orders came in for mag pouches. At this time we had none and had to start from scratch. We looked into the characteristics of a good mag pouch. It had to protect the mags from the elements. It had to open easy. It had to be quiet. It had to allow the withdrawal of the magazines with ease. It had to offer some security to retain mags if the pouch were left opened during the heat of battle.

We went out and looked at several materials and designs on the market. We liked Kydex pouches as they held the mags securely, but rejected the material, as it was noisy when bumped. Several nylon pouches were of simple construction, but were a sloppy fit and the mags rattled against each other. Other designers inserted fabric dividers to prevent rattle between the mags, but they proved difficult to load the magazines into, as the mags would snag on the dividers. Some were great designs, but if left open, remaining mags would easily fall out. To prevent the loss of loose mags some designers used hook and loop to catch the pouch lid. The hook and loop, doing its job would catch everything else. Twigs, clothing, mud, snow, it would catch everything. In extreme cases, some pouches were so poorly designed the troops resorted to attaching para cord “loops” to their mag’s base plate to make it easier to with draw from the pouch!

A new respect was being developed for challenge of designing the lowly mag pouch.

One by one our people overcame the difficulties. First, to ensure the pouch was useful we made it M.U.L.E.S. compatible. Even taking as far as mounting M.U.L.E.S. Bandoleers and mounting them on the side so that one may “piggyback” more Mules Pouches. As per our S.O.P. we used a cap flap that secures with a bayonet buckle. Insuring the contents stay put. Oh, and of course, we added a drain hole. Next, our designers be the clever little devils they are, added a unique webbing divider that separates the two magazine slots. This divider also guides, rather than hinders, the mag into place when loading the pouch. The divider’s material has an inherent “springiness” that eliminates rattle caused by mags banging against each other. An added bonus, this springy divider brings to the party is that should you remove the front mag, the rear still has a good degree of retention. An important feature should you fail to close the pouch flap properly during the heat of battle. At last! A dual rifle magazine pouch that works! Order yours today. Specify color.

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Coyote Brown
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