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As is the case with so many of our products the idea for the Butt Boy came from one of our dealers. The dealer had won a contract to supply carbines to a law enforcement agency. Part of the specification called for a pouch that would keep a 20 round magazine with the rifle. The dealer came to us for help and the Butt Boy was born.

While we no longer produce the 20 rnd Butt Boy we now offer the 30 rnd Butt Boy. It is designed to hold a 30 rnd AR15 series rifle magazine to a telescoping Butt Stock. The Butt Boy is only designed to fit on Vietnam era “Commando” stocks or M4 stocks. It unfortunately, may not work with after market stocks.

Installation is very easy and requires no tools other than your fingers and some grey matter as the Butt Boy attaches with Velcro® fed through the footman loop at the rear of the stock and around the buffer tube at the front of the stock. Very simple. The Butt Boy extends to the rear of the stock’s butt plate to give the charging handle more room for manipulation. Even though this extension seems as though it would interfere with the rifles placement against your body it does not.

Could this be a testament to the skill of the Drop Zone designers?

The Butt Boy secures the magazine within the pouch by using tongue flap and a mil-spec side squeeze pouch buckle. Of course these buckles are tastefully color coordinated with the 1000d nylon fabric used to build the pouch. The tongue flap is tapered to eliminate excess fabric that may interfere with the draw of the magazine from the pouch during stressful operations.

Again a testimony to the skill of Drop Zone’s design team!

Let the Butt Boy caddy your spare magazine …order yours today!

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Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
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