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A classic revisited is the best way to describe our M.U.L.E.S. Mk2 Bren Gun Pouch. The size and shape were inspired by the famous Bren Gun magazine pouch used by British Commonwealth Armies from the 40’s through the 70’s. The Bren Gun pouch’s size has long been favored by troops as a utility pouch on web gear. Everything from vacuum bottles to rain gear has been stuffed into a Bren Gun pouch. Realizing this we thought we’d update this old classic by using modern material and design philosophy.

First we chose 1000d Cordura® for the fabric. As per S.O.P. we added a drain hole and a Duraflex Bayonet buckle. Of course, being our M.U.L.E.S. Mk2 design, it is compatible with MOLLE/PALS, ALICE. MALICE, Velcro® One Wrap, and ANNEX. For those that wish to hook military web gear suspenders to it we’ve fitted a D-ring. As an added bonus we’ve fitted PALS style Bandoleers to the front of the pouch allowing “piggybacking” of other pouches for even more capacity! Discover the classic Bren Gun Pouch.

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Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
PenCott Green Zone
Pencott Green Zone
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Bren Gun Pouch Data Sheet
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