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Bertha Butt Pack
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Our Bertha Butt Pack was originally designed as an updated replacement for the butt pack issued to Canadian troops as part of their ’84 Pattern web gear set. The first versions of our Bertha Butt Pack featured our MULES Mk1, 4” long belt loops, that accommodate the 4” wide Canadian web belts. ALICE keepers would allow the Bertha Butt Pack to be fitted to U.S. Military web gear and Zap Straps (electrical wire ties) could be employed to fit the Bertha to just about anything else.

In the late ‘90’s web gear was generally being replaced by modular load bearing vests by most progressive western nations. The U.S. introduced their MOLLE/PALS system and our Bertha Butt Pack became a casualty of the bygone web gear era.

In an effort to be compatible with the new MOLLE/PALS system, we developed MULES Mk2™ with our unique, removable Snake Strap™. The Snake Strap will allow our pouches to be worn as belt pouches or used as MOLLE/PALS pouches on vests, packs etc.

Now our Bertha Butt Pack is making a comeback as an oversize MOLLE/PALS compatible utility pouch! Combat engineers love it’s large size and its lack of a zipper closure as the buckles don’t make noise when being opened. Tactical Medics tell us the large size is ideal for additional IV bags or personal clothing. One medic showed us that it was the perfect place to stow is “roll-a-way” litter. Being MULES Mk2™ it can be attached to any piece of MOLLE kit, including vests, packs and chest rigs. Because it is such a large pouch our designers thoughtfully added PALS to each side, allowing the user to “piggy back” additional MOLLE compatible pockets onto the Bertha Butt Pack.

Fully aware that space is at a premium, our designers also added daisy chains to the Bertha’s lid for placement of tie down straps. This is a perfect place to lash down that poncho liner or raincoat.

A large mil-spec drain hole grommet is fitted to allow the egress of water and dirt. Never forgetting the roots of the Bertha Butt Pack we had our designers fit all steel mil-spec, d-rings to the rear of the pouch, perfectly spaced for fitting web gear suspender hooks. This is Drop Zone’s homage to the traditionalists that favor old school web gear.

So, what’s your poison? Use the Bertha on your web gear as a butt pack or on your vest as an oversize utility pouch or attach it to your backpack as an accessory pocket. What ever your need, the Drop Zone Bertha Butt can haul the load. Order today!

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