Thunder Thigh - Drop Zone Tactical

Our original modular drop leg platform was developed, like so many of our products, at the request of end users. It debuted in July of 2002 and was ALICE compatible. The end user wanted it for stun grenade pouches, so we dubbed it the Thunder Thigh.

Times have changed. The Thunder Thigh has moved right a long, sporting the now requisite, MOLLE/PALS mountings sewn over tough 1000 d textured mil-spec nylon. The back of the Thunder Thigh features a sweat absorbing 3 dimensional mesh that also adds a degree of padding for extra comfort. The over all usable area of the platform pad is 9½” (24cm) by 9¼” (23cm) wide.

Keeping in mind that our customers’ comfort is a high priority our designers insisted on making the leg straps extra long (33 inches / 85cm) to accommodate muscular thighs. Not missing a trick our designers then insisted on making the leg straps only one inch wide. Curious, we asked them, “Why only one inch wide? Would not wider straps eliminate movement of the platform?”

They replied, “It’s a common misconception that the leg straps should be wide to prevent the leg platform from sliding around while running and walking. In actual fact the belt loop of the platform sliding on the waist belt is what causes movement.”

Interesting we thought, but that still doesn’t explain the skinny straps.

The designers further explained, “When you use a wide strap, heat and dirt build up underneath it, combined with sweat, you contribute greatly to such issues as crotch rot, boils, blackheads/pimples and rashes. The one inch strap covers less area and promotes breathability in a way wider leg straps cannot.”

Wow, the Drop Zone designers think of everything when it comes to our customers’ needs. Amazing! You’d think they’ve humped a “klick” or two carrying this stuff!

But the leg straps’ details don’t stop here. The straps themselves are color coordinated, mil-spec nylon. They are then attached at one end of the platform with mil-spec, color coordinated, elastic sewn firmly to the webbing. A mil-spec, color coordinated, side release buckle is used at the other end for quick donning and doffing.

The 2” (52mm) wide drop strap that runs from your waist belt to the platform uses a dome fastener (snap) and Velcro® for quick attachment to your waist belt. The loop will fit 1 ¾” (45mm) to 2 ¼” (58mm) belts A side release buckle is NOT, used as the overall length of a side release buckle would use up precious adjustment length. Yes, the color coordinated drop strap is adjustable, in length, for that perfect fit.

One can choose from many modular drop platforms on the market, but we’ll bet you can’t find one better thought out…or on the market as long as this one.

Order #DescriptionPrice
17-210201Thunder Thigh Drop Platform, Drop Zone, Tactical Grade, MOLLE/PALS compatible, Olive$54.99
17-210202Thunder Thigh Drop Platform, Drop Zone, Tactical Grade, MOLLE/PALS compatible, Black$54.99
17-2102XXThunder Thigh Drop Platform, Drop Zone, Tactical Grade, MOLLE/PALS compatible, Coyote$54.99

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