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When the Canadian Army abandoned traditional web gear for what was currently fashionable, the load bearing vest, Canadian troops were initially excited. Unfortunately after using it for awhile they became disappointed.

We know this as the troops brought issue Canadian vests to our factory and asked us to modify them, outlining the changes they wanted. Some of the items the troops complained about were:

We did not do these modifications as the vests were government property and the work would be prohibitively expensive. Disassembling a vest then re-sewing it with modifications is a very slow and tedious process.

The solution, as we saw it was to make a vest of the same silhouette as the original issued unit, but make the vest totally modular. After all the basic design is good.

Hence the Drop Zone ModCan Vest.

The vest is made of mil-spec mesh then covered with Drop Zone’s M.U.L.E.S. Mk2™ bandoleers. These bandoleers are compatible with ALICE, MOLLE/PALS, Velcro’s One Wrap® system, and ITW Nexus Annex clips. The M.U.L.E.S Mk2™ system does not obsolete older web gear pouches. This is an important feature as many of our customers are smaller law enforcement agencies and budget constraints do not allow for wholesale gear upgrades. With Drop Zone’s M.U.L.E.S. Mk2™ system these customers can gradually upgrade their gear as the budget allows.

Our designers tweaked the original’s shoulder strap design giving it slightly more adjustment range. But more importantly, they added M.U.L.E.S. Mk2™ bandoleers. These additional bandoleers give the user more real estate on which to mount more gear.

Mil-spec rectangular d-rings are mounted at the hem of the vest. Through these d-rings, removable belt loops are provided, giving the user the option of mounting a traditional web belt for even more gear capacity. These d-rings also serve as mounting points for gas mask pouches.

Like the original Canadian Forces vest, the ModCan closes with a zipper and like the original the zipper flap is covered with bandoleers.

Unlike the original we offer the ModCan vest in different colors. These colors will match popular modern camouflage colors.

Sizing is generous, as it is meant to wear over top of body armor. This ability to be worn over armor makes the Drop Zone ModCan Vest the top choice for law enforcement and security contractors as it eliminates the need to purchase “tactical” armor, especially when worn over body armor that uses strike plates.

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Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown

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