Assault Sling Instructions - Drop Zone Tactical

Assault Sling Instructions

These instructions will show you how to attach your Garrison Grade Assault Sling to most assault rifles. Attachment points on some rifles will vary.

First, we are going to determine which side of the sling attaches to which side of the rifle. Begin my laying your rifle and sling side-by-side as illustrated in the picture below.

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Make sure the end with the Drop Zone label and Buckle is at the front of the rifle, while the other end is at the back of the rifle.

Let's begin attaching the sling at the front of the rifle. Start by un-doing the strap at the front of the sling, and weave it through the Sling Swivel. On some rifles, the Sling Swivel may be perpendicular to the rifle. The Garrison Grade Assault Sling works either way!

Alternitavely, you can attach the sling through the "Sight Triangle". We are using this method in the rest of these instructions for your edification.

Now begin weaving the strap back through the metal buckle.

At this point, the metal buckle should have three layers of webbing going through it. We're going to weave it back through once more, but this time we're going to skip over the side we just weaved the strap through. This will overlap the buckle, and lock the strap in place, so that your sling is not coming loose.

The front end of the sling is complete! Now for the back end. Begin by pushing the clip through the slot in the stock of the rifle, or "footman's loop".

Then, simply push the clip back through the metal buckle. That's it, you're done! Your Garrison Grade Assault Sling is now attached to your rifle.

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