M.U.L.E.S MK2 Thigh Holster - Drop Zone Tactical

One of our dealers sent us a holster he was issued while on peacekeeping duty in the Balkans. It is a S.A.S. style leg mounted drop style, favored by Swat Teams. The beauty of the rig is that it is actually two components, a holster carrier and a holster insert. This saves money. All one has to do is change the insert when one changes the handgun model or type. The carrier, actually a big pocket with legs straps and a belt loop, never changes.

"It's a great holster, but it could be made better." our dealer said.

We agreed.

First, we added a user-friendly "belt loop/belt keeper" that will allow the wearer to slip the holster carrier assembly off without undoing his waist belt.

Next, we stiffened the adjustable "drop" strap, by backing the hook and pile strap that the original came with, by using two inch seat belting.

Far less "flop" when the going gets rough.

We then backed the holster carrier assembly with our 3 dimensional, breathable mesh. The mesh increases the comfort factor by adding breathability to your leg. Important when you must wear the holster for extended periods of time. The mesh also has a higher friction coefficient than nylon, helping the holster carrier to stay put on your leg. The leg retention straps mount with bayonet buckles that, unlike the original design, are solidly fixed to the holster carrier, allowing for faster buckling and unbuckling.

While on the subject of leg retention straps, it should be noted at this time that we used 1” webbing. Many of our competitors use wider webbing in an effort to combat holster movement. Our tests indicate that holster movement is a product of “sliding” movement of the holster belt loop on the trouser belt rather than motion of the holster on the leg. In other words secure the holster on the belt tightly, not the legs tightly. In fact we have seen horrible rashes and pimples caused by heat, sweat, and dirt trapped under the wide leg straps. Definitely a problem to avoid, especially in a combat zone!

As per our usual standard, the holster carrier is provided with drain holes.

The holster insert is held in place, within the carrier, very securely, with hook and pile. The gun is held securely within the insert by our special "memory foam" lining and backed up with a your choice side release buckle and webbing or a traditional thumb break for fast draw (both are included). The insert, that is supplied with the carrier will fit most large frame autos such as Hi-Powers, 1911's, Glock's etc. The ability to fit a great number of side arms with or without lights and lasers has been enhanced due to our perforating the holster insert and reinforcing the holes with grommets. We include three Chicago screws with each holster. The user can strategically place the Chicago screws in the grommet holes effectively changing the holster insert’s profile.

No need to worry about specifying left or right hand carry as the carrier is ambidextrous, just pull out the insert and pop it in the other way! (Tip: When installing the holster insert into the holster carrier, wrap the insert with card stock similar to a file folder or a cut up cereal box. This will prevent the hook and pile from grabbing. When the insert is positioned, just pull out the card stock!)

Continuing with our M.U.L.E.S.™ concept, you'll note that the face of the holster carrier is set up with MOLLE / PALS compatible bandoleers, allowing the attachment of our mag pouches or accessory pockets.

Car and feeding is very simple, hand wash, and air dry! Heavy stains may be removed with a jellied hand cleaner.

Part NumberColorPrice
#17-21030132CadPat TW$149.99
#17-21030131MarPat Woodland$139.99

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