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Komodo Drag Bag

“High Speed – Low Drag” This phrase is tossed around so much these days it has become cliché. Very few tactical products, if any, truly deserve this description like our Komodo Drag Bag does.

Named after the Komodo Dragon due to its low menacing appearance, this drag bag was built at the request of Canadian Military snipers who were looking for a simple, easy to drag…drag bag. Up until this time (2004) our designers had never built or designed a drag bag, but admittedly, one, the primary designer on this project, had used them.

Homework was in order to look at the current state of the art in drag bags.

Hour after hour was spent on the Internet looking at online gear catalogs, and reading precision shooting forums. We even telephoned snipers and marksmen we knew and solicited their opinions.

Our in-depth research indicated drag bags had, according to those in the know, morphed into “range bags”. Some of these behemoth “drag bags” had the capability of turning into shooting mats! Yet others had so many pockets and organizers they performed like range bags. Some even sported muzzle blast mats and bipod stops.

They weight and bulk had grown with these complex designs. The snipers told us the current crop of drag bags were indeed heavy and cumbersome to drag!

Strip it down they cried. We did. Like racecar engineers we eliminated weight and stripped off every feature but those required to provide protection to the weapon while dragging it to the engagement point.

We streamlined the shape of the case by giving it a pointy nose that slides through weeds and grass.

We gave it three rows of resinated webbing that behave like runners on a sleigh, further reducing energy and strength robbing friction. To reduce wear we used on 1000 d, mil-spec, air textured nylon fabric for the body of the bag.

Sandwiched into the base of the Komodo Drag Bag features very high-density closed cell foam. So dense it is almost rigid. The high density contributes to weapon protection while adding body and stiffness to the case, which in turn, further helps to reduce drag.

The interior of the Komodo features MOLLE/PALS to allow for the placement of small utility/ammo pouches. Tie-downs of mil-spec webbing are provided to secure the weapon at the butt and fore-end. Integrated into the tie-down design is an adjustable (in length) muzzle guard.

All fasteners for accessing the weapon are Dura-Flex brand, nylon buckles for silent manipulation.

Access to the interior of Komodo Drag Bag is via three overlapping flaps, a tail flap, an inner horizontal flap and an outer horizontal flap. The outer flap incorporates light padding for protecting the weapon’s optics. It should be noted at this time that our designers expect that users will supplement the light optics padding of the outer flap with their own padded scope cover.

The elimination of excessive, unnecessary padding also contributes greatly to the Komodo’s extremely low profile.

The exterior of the outer flaps are covered with fine 3/8 inch webbing. This ribbon allows the user to garnish or “scrim up” the Komodo to suit the AO’s terrain.

When dragging is too slow or not necessary, removable shoulder straps are provided. The shoulder straps are the exact same configuration as our now famous backpack shoulder strap, ensuring comfort for the user. After all, these damn sniper rifles can get flipping heavy! Mil-spec snap hooks secure the lower portion of the shoulder straps, while ALICE clips secure the top of the straps. Our designers wanted to make absolutely sure it is very easy for the user to remove and re-install the straps.

No frills.

No annoying useless features.

The Komodo Drag Bag is all business – literally a high speed, low drag, drag bag.

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