The Drop Zone Fleece Watch Cap is made of 100% polyester, single face, pill resistant fleece. What that means is that on the outside it will resist pilling, while on the inside of the cap will pill, but who cares, you can't see the interior of the cap anyhow. This high quality fleece is 12 ounce Canadian mil-spec fleece (translation: tough & toasty warm).

You may ask how 12-ounce fleece compares to what is often (incorrectly I might add) referred to as 200 "weight" fleece or 300 "weight" fleece. In fabric industry terms, these numbers mean nothing in regards to weight of fleece. They are merely series numbers from fleece maker, Malden Mills, used only to describe the fleece they make. The fabric industry around the world uses ounces per yard or grams per meter to describe fabric weight.

12 ounces is good.

The big advantage of polyester mil-spec fleece, over other fabrics, is that it will insulate when damp and "transport" sweat away from your noggin! A very good performance feature to have in headwear, especially when slogging through snow or doing fire and movement drills.

Unlike the traditional wool watch cap the Drop Zone Fleece Watch Cap will not "itch" like wool and is machine washable.

Its comfy, its quality, and its Canadian made (rare these days!) Order a couple today.

#17-11010902 Drop Zone Fleece Watch Cap, Black$19.99
#17-11010935 Drop Zone Fleece Watch Cap, CadPat$24.99
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