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I.D. Mounting Plate

At Drop Zone we have come to embrace all that is MOLLE, quite simply due to it modularity. When our local law enforcement community asked us to produce custom ID vests, which would be expensive, we knew we had to come up with a MOLLE ID Mounting Plate.

We did.

They loved the money they saved.

We build two sizes to fit various “real estate” issues. A large, that measures 11 by 4 inches, ideal for the back of MOLLE compatible vests and packs. And a small, perfect for chest mounting, that measures 5 by 2 inches.

Save tight budget dollars and make sure your people are easily identified!

I.D. Mounting Plate, Large (11 x 4”) 17-11040702
I.D. Mounting Plate, Small (5 x 2”) 17-11040802
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