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Gatekeeper Key Silencer

Eliminate the frustration with using traditional key silencers!

Good gear isn’t always about the latest and greatest holster or magazine pouch. Sometimes it’s about the mundane and the everyday.

Take the lowly key carrier for use with a duty belt. They have been around for decades & decades in basically two styles. The first, a simple snap hook to hang the key from, backed by a leather pad. The pad prevents the wear and tear trousers as the keys swing, while walking. The second, a wrap around cover, usually secured by a snap, that hugs the keys hanging on the ring, thus eliminating jangling, and trouser wear.

The frustration point of these key carriers has always been the snap hook. With or without gloved hands, one would have to manipulate the snap hook, while at the same time attempt to “lift” the key ring, up, out and off, the hook.

Frustration would ensue, yet we would deal with this “dance” every day and with practice some of us would even master it!

There had to be a better way.

And now there is!

Drop Zone designers have managed to make the first real improvement in the traditional wrap around key silencer in 5 decades!

The solution was simple, yet has been described as brilliant. We replaced the fiddly snap hook with a side squeeze buckle. Viola! A simple squeeze and the keys pop right into your hand!

To replace the keys secure back within the carrier, simply slide the key ring assembly, buckle first, into the carrier. With a click, your keys are secured.

But our innovative design team did not stop at the buckle. They added a second key ring for easy organization.

The Gate Keeper Key Silencer will fit all Sam Brown belts due its easy to use wrap around, hook & loop, belt loop. Construction is all mil-spec nylon.

Take some frustration out of key control. Order your Gate Keeper today!

17-13043902 Gate Keeper Key Silencer.
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