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Here we see the Urban Ops Parka worn while hunting the elusive arctic smurf.

Drop Zone always listens to feedback from their customers. Our new Urban Ops Parka is a result of this. We were told we needed to produce a warm jacket with features of our famous Recce Smock for Law Enforcement, Soldiers & Security professionals, which was one garment.

Not a 3 in 1 style, just a simple, robust, warm one piece parka.

Our designers looked at other parkas to get a feel for the task. They looked at what the Canadian Forces were doing.

The Canadian Forces issued jacket was a good idea with poor execution. The pockets are a fair size but they close and open using a button making it hard to access pockets with thick gloves or mitts. The CF jacket's hood does not fit everyone well and is not very warm. This was a poor choice for winter fighting.

Police and Security often have the thankless job of patrolling on cold winter nights. When it comes to duty gear, the needs of Police and Security are met when it comes to an assortment of nylon gear and boots. But Police and Security, much like their military counterparts, are often left with light, non-functioning, poorly thought out or substandard jackets.

That is where the Urban Ops Parka comes in. After all, no one is effective when cold.

The Urban Ops Parka uses a continuous layer of Climashield’s Combat 5.5 ounce polyester insulation. We then cold-laminate insulation to the lining. If you heat treat insulation you embrittle the fibers so as the insulation is compressed and expanded, it starts to break down and lose loft. Loft is what creates the barrier that traps heat. You want loft to stay warm and since the darn parka isn’t cheap, you want durability. We give you both. The cold lamination process also eliminates the need for any quilt stitching, which can create cold spots and trap water during laundering.

We use this same technology in our sleeping bags.

And by the way did we mention that the garment is machine washable at home? (gentle cycle of course)

Upon returning from Afghanistan, one of our customers had worn out the cuffs on his patrol fleece. Realizing that this was a problem, the designers at Drop Zone put a 1000d nylon reinforced cuff to keep the garment whole and functional through the most extreme conditions. The inevitable abrasion and friction that sleeve cuffs are exposed to are not a problem for the Urban Ops Parka. Hidden within this durable cuff design is a rib knit storm cuff to further seal in that valuable body heat.

Pockets are designed for access while wearing mitts. Toggles on the pockets allow for easy grabbing, even while wearing handwear!

The hood can be cinched down with pulls on the sides. This is a standard feature on all jackets but the Urban Ops Parka takes this feature to its logical conclusion; the drawstrings run though a channel below the drawstring locks so long strings do not flap into the user's face. Like our pocket openings, the drawstrings can be manipulated while wearing glove or mitts!

The hood is adjustable for wearing with a variety of headwear including helmets. More or less frontal coverage can be achieved by adjusting a simple hook & loop strap.

A small zipped opening affectionately called “The Tickle Pocket” by the Drop Zone designers, allows for access to a cross-draw pistol.

Spacious lower cargo pockets conceal hand warmer pockets and offer a lot of space to store mitts, hats, notepads etc. Directly opposite the leower cargo poeckets our designers provided oversize interior pockets that secure with hook & loop tape.

And while we are describing interior details, we would be remiss if the shock corded waist drawstring went without mention.

Civilian or professional the Drop Zone Urban Ops Winter Patrol Parka is the parka for serious cold weather use. Order now.

Colors and Part Numbers

Navy Blue
Navy Blue
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Detail Images

Urban Ops Parka Hood - Front Urban Ops Parka Hood - Back
Urban Ops Parka Chest Details Urban Ops Parka Arm Details
Urban Ops Parka Tickle Pocket Urban Ops Parka Mitt Leash
Urban Ops Parka Hand Warmers
Handwarmer pockets are placed behind the lower cargo pockets. The zip closes for additional safe storage!
Urban Ops Parka Lower Cargo Pocket
Urban Ops Parka Cuff
You can't see it, but there is a rib knit storm cuff hidden in the cuff. For durability we've ringed the cuff edge with mil-spec 1000d nylon.
Urban Ops Parka Cuff
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