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A sunny, relaxing day in Edmonton, Alberta. Not a single person in sight.

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Tyrannus Over Suit

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One would surmise, and be correct, that Drop Zone, being located in Canada’s north would have a great winter camo over smock and pant set. The Tyrannus Over Suit is just that. A great winter camo over smock and pant set.

Tyrannus Over Suit
A rare photograph of the Tyannus Over Suit, taken before it was completely lost in the snow. If you find it laying around somewhere come summer-time, let us know. We would love to know where it went. Oh, and check to see if the model is okay, I guess.

One tester remarked that his confidence in his ability to hide in the snow, while testing the oversuit, made him feel predatory, like a polar bear. Hence we named the suit, Tyrannus after the prehistoric polar bear (Ursus Maritimus Tyrannus).

To build a great winter camo over suit a great camo pattern must be chosen. Drop Zone selected a winner in the Hyde Definition PenCott Snow Drift Camo. The Snow Drift Camo works equally well in the bush or grasslands thanks to its micro pixel pattern of blue grey and straw brown. This coloration nails the effect of shadows and dead grass in the snow! The fabric is a lightweight polyester. An ideal choice for a winter cam over suit. The polyester dries quickly and is UV resistant.

As the words “Over Suit” would imply the cut of the jacket and pants are generous, allowing for fitting over insulation layers.

The jacket features a hood that is adjustable for fit over inner hoods, helmets, watch caps, etc. This the same adjustment design Drop Zone uses on their legendary Smocks. The hood secures around the face with shock cord and fixed cord locks. The jacket is easy to don and doff thanks to the two way #10 YKK® zipper. Drop Zone is noted for using oversize zips on all their designs.

The cuffs are elasticised for easy use with hand wear. Unique and reminiscent of the Canadian Forces winter whites is the split shirt tail design. This design incorporates an ingenious shocked cord locked leg loop that prevents the jacket tail from riding up in deep snow, while at the same time sealing the pants and jacket together.

Access to garments under the jacket is provided by side access zips as well as two flapped “slash ports” on the front.

The over pant is a high waisted design, obviously cut with an eye on keeping snow out. It incorporates another unique Drop Zone feature, a quick release, “self centering suspender”. This suspender uses a dual adjustable side release buckle to clip the suspenders together. This suspender when combined with the extra long two way fly zip makes donning and doffing the over pants easy. Simple cargo pockets are placed on the legs. These pockets align with the openings on the jacket, providing handy quick access to thinks like maps. The leg cuffs seal snow out with shock corded, cord locks.

Due to the over cut there are only two sizes: Medium (fits small to large) Large (fits large to XX-Large)

Get the latest in winter warfare over suits order the Drop Zone Tyrannus today.

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