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Back in ’96, many of our regular customers asked if we built gaiters. Our reply was “No, we don’t, there are many fine gaiters on the market now.”

Our customers replied “You should, we like the Drop Zone quality and can’t find gaiters in the colors we need. All we can find are happy granola cruncher colors”.

“We need a modern gaiter in tactical colors!”

Unusual for us, but that was all the prompting we needed. So we sent our designers out to build a gaiter. Not just any gaiter. A gaiter that would be better than most (and in the “right” colours). Our designers analyzed gaiters to see what, if anything could be improved. Oddly enough, even with all the well designed gaiters out there, improvements could be made!

Prototypes were built and passed on to the Boreal Wilderness Centre and Rescue Dynamics for testing. With input from the two aforementioned organizations our gaiter was completed. In 1997 we introduced the Drop Zone Tactical Gaiter. We sold hundreds over the years but when the desert war started, demand for our gaiter dropped like a lead balloon.

Times have changed and we have brought our original tactical gaiter back!

The gaiter is styled after the modern classic front opening design for ease of placement and removal. Front opening gaiters tend to fit a wider variety of users due to the “hook and pile” closure. A “contour” fit can be tailored by the user when putting the gaiter on by varying the tightness of the “hook and pile”. This is an extremely good feature, especially for users that wear gaiters in the winter and summer with different layers of clothing.

Retention of the gaiter above the calf is the job of a Dura Flex cam buckle and one inch mil-spec webbing. The cam buckle is easy to operate with mitts and gloves while the mil-spec webbing will resist fraying caused by running through the buckle. One inch webbing was selected for its additional comfort over thinner ¾” webbing, which tends to “cut in” due to its narrower width.

The lace hook is fully adjustable for length. This unique design insures the gaiter seals on a wide variety of boots, especially those with "lace to the toe" design.

After using gaiters made of some of the so called “waterproof breathables” and finding that when wearing pants, long johns, boots, and socks, breathability is pretty much non-existent, our designers elected to use urethane coated nylon for its combination of water proofness and durability for our gaiter’s upper body.

The “vamp” or boot portion of the gaiter uses two layers of fabric to further insure long life and high water proofness. An important feature and characteristic for our customers as many are professional users. The inner portion of the vamp is 420d urethane coated packcloth while the outer is made of 1000d urethane coated air texturized mil-spec nylon. The 420 d nylon hugs the boot for additional water sealing while at the same sliding against the heavier 1000d outer fabric, minimizing abrasive wear of the fabric from the boot. The 1000d outer being an extremely heavy and abrasion resistant fabric protects the inner nylon and the boot from the rough terrain that nature always seems to dish out liberally.

The arch retention strap, the strap that wears most quickly on gaiters, is made of one inch mil-spec webbing, again for durability. The mounting of this strap, and we believe we are the only ones to do this, is designed to allow the user to replace the arch strap with commonly available 1" webbing and no tools. That’s right. No tools! All of the gaiters we tested before we designed ours, required stitch and/or rivet removal then replacement of stitching and/or rivets to repair the gaiter arch strap.

Another view of the unique adjustable hook design.

The arch retention strap is excessively long allowing the user to adjust and trim the strap “just so” for their particular application.

( Note: When trimming, allow enough excess strap to hang out so that adjustment can be made while wearing mitts. Trim the unsewn end of the arch strap as the sewn end prevents the strap from slipping out of the buckle. Always melt the nylon you cut to prevent fraying. DO NOT BURN YOURSELF! Just hold the cut nylon edge near a candle or lighter flame and it will melt. )

Our gaiter’s designer, has magical scissors and has cut the profile of the vamp to lay nicely on the dorsal area of the boot protecting the laces from nature.

For wearers of better quality boots such as Matterhorn (U.S. made), Danner, Asolo, Koflach and others that feature (lace to the toe), the vamp incorporates a lace hook mounted on adjustable webbing, extending the useful length of the vamp and further insuring a tight seal.

Because the vamp is so well cut, users of boots without the “lace to the toe” such as Canadian Army boots will find the gaiter effective even without the lace hook attached!

Sizing: Medium will generally fit boots from size 7 through 9, Large will generally fit from 9 through 12, and extra large will fit from 12 through 14.

If you prize warmth, dryness, durability, and useful colourations you must order a set of these gaiters.

This is the outer leg side of the gaiter. The tabular adjustment buckle is backed up with a webbing strap to prevent premature opening. Our designers are the best!

Here is a look at the instep strap and how it mounts to the inside leg, side of the gaiter. adjustment. Once you are satisfied you have the webbing just right, you have the option of trimming it!

Colors and Part Numbers:

Classic Black
Classic Black
Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
* XX Refers to the size code. Medium is 02, Large is 03, Extra Large is 04.
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