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He is the warmest & happiest picket on duty simply because he has his new Drop Zone Recce Smock on! We can tell by the smile.
What is old is new again.
The classics never die.
Nothing new is ever invented, just reworked.

Whatever the adage you care to choose, it will probably describe our Drop Zone Recce Smock. Soldiers continually asked us when were we going to build a smock similar to the wind and mist smocks made famous by the British Army.

Well the time has come.

We researched the smock for over two years. We surveyed our customers to find what they liked in a smock. We acquired various smocks, then surveyed the customers again. The result after this lengthy and intensive research is the Drop Zone Recce Smock presented herein.

The boys told us that the “waterproof / breathable” field jackets currently issued by most modern armies were fine for sedentary activity, but when you had to hustle they were not breathable enough. The boys wanted a field jacket that would keep the wind, mist, and light drizzle out, but would breathe very well. They told us the current “waterproof / breathable” field jackets were too bulky due to the liners that are sewn in to protect the “membrane”. They also told us they wanted more pockets.

This is a very good view of the hood adjuster. You can wear the Recce Smock hood up with or without your helmet.

The button you see secures the hood strap while the hood is rolled down.

We listened and found military specification cotton/synthetic blend twill fabrics that can be easily treated with water repellents. This combination of cotton and synthetic gives the fabric breathability, strength, and abrasion resistance, while the treatment the owner adds to the Smock gives light water repellency.

Keeping in mind the weather protection purpose of a wind and mist smock, our designers agonized over the hood design. The Recce Smock hood is designed to be warn with or without a helmet and features an adjustment strap. To prevent rainwater delivered by those light showers and drizzles from dripping on to your face, a unique peak was designed. You can roll the peak back to act a rain gutter or you can leave it straight out for extra protection from wind and dust. To snug the hood around the face, the neck and yoke were cut extra roomy, providing a comfort zone for those turtles among us. Securing the hood around the face is accomplished with a simple, one hand pull of the shock cord that runs through the fixed cord locks. Shock cord was chosen for this task as its stretch allows maximum movement, even when adjusted, while conventional draw cord does not.

Ventilation, a must when buttoned up and forced to work hard, is provided by the extra long zippered under arm vents. These vents are so long they run right down to the waist drawstring! For extra convenience we provided double zipper heads on each zip.

The main jacket zip is a #10 YKK® two way, provided to promote ventilation. Further ventilation can be gained by unzipping the “reach through” zipper, sandwiched between the chest pockets. While on the subject of zips, it should be noted that we use YKK® exclusively. We’ve tied just about everything else and this brand is simply the best for durability. We can’t continue the discussion on zips without talking about pockets.

We have pockets! If you are separated from your load bearing equipment, or just stripping down for lightness the Recce Smock serves up the carrying capacity you need.

We like to call it Infanteers Air Conditioning. These extra long zips, run right down to the waist band.

They can be tuned with dual YKK® slides.

Anyone who has humped the boonies knows how important these vents are.

On the chest we have two large cargo pockets, each of the cargo pockets secures with a button down flap. The buttons are Canadian Military tape style. Within each cargo pocket is a D-ring, to be used for attaching lanyards. No more excuses for lost compass or pace beads now! Each of the cargo pockets piggy backs, over patch pockets that secure with, you guessed it YKK® zips. These zips are equipped with pull toggles for easy use while wearing gloves. Hidden in the zippered patch pockets, are dual pen pockets thoughtfully angled for ease of use. Southpaws take note: these pen pockets are in BOTH patch pockets.

The incredible cut of the hood is obvious here. Just visible are the shock cord drawstrings.

The peak is ideal, the Recce Smock has transformed this soldier. Note the killer look in his eyes!

Our designers look after details!

We repeat the whole exercise below the waistline with the lower cargo and piggy backed patch pockets. Only this time we eliminated the pen pockets and located the zippers to the outside, so the patch pockets could double as hand warmers. Sneaky stuff!

But wait! There’s more!

Huge cargo pockets that close with zips are on each sleeve. The troops told us this was a coveted feature, especially when wearing a load bearing vest or body armor that restricts access to the regular pockets. Each of the sleeve pockets has a large Velcro® loop patch for affixing crests.

Each of the zippered chest pockets hides two pen pockets, angled for ease of access. A total of four pen pockets! Ideal for water color pens ad vinyl map cases.

It's the little details that count!

Note the wide Opening!

In our view there is nothing worse than a pocket that you can't get your hand into.

Inside the chest region, the Recce Smock boasts storage pockets on each side of the main zip. Again these pockets are secured with the good ole reliable YKK® coil zip.

Lanyards secure essential gear to you. We placed a D-ring in each of the four cargo pockets so you will not be short of attachment points!

Compass, lights, flare launchers will always be handy.

The inside tail of the Recce Smock reveals three generous “E & E” pockets, suitable for rations, toilet paper or escape and evasion kit. These pockets are loosely closed with hook & loop tape.

Pockets are not the only feature however.

The waist drawstring is a shock cord and secured with cord locks. Like the hood, the shock cord gives good mobility.

A loop tape strip is sewn onto the left chest above the cargo pocket to provide a mounting point for your name tape.

To prevent the elbows from becoming bruised during those arduous leopard crawls back from the pub, we provided “padding pockets” that allow you to slip in some foam. Toolbox drawer liner works well for this application.

To ensure that those with a hook & fetish are satisfied, not to mention insuring the Recce Smock seals out the elements, the cuffs seal and adjust with hook and loop. We chose this style over knit cuffs, as knit cuffs tend to soak up the water and wear out on watchbands.

Hang dry or machine dry the Recce Smock, warm, NOT HOT! When dry give the Recce Smock a light spray with a silicone or Teflon waterproofing. We like a brand called Tectron.

Don’t be left out in the cold, order your Drop Zone Recce Smock today!

Colors and Part Numbers:

PenCott Green
Pencott Green Zone
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Sizing when ordering your Recce Smock is easy. We have generously cut the jacket. If you wear a men’s large shirt, order a large Recce Smock. If you wear a medium shirt, order a medium Recce Smock and so on. In fact the Recce Smock is cut so well it is a prefect shell for our Squeeze Me Field Jacket Liner.

Detail Images

The interior boasts two zipped pockets, one of which you can see being displayed here.

What you can't see are the three "E & E" pockets that close with hook & loop tape in the Recce Smock's tail.

This full frontal view shows the Recce Smock's four main cargo pockets. The piggy-backed zippered patch pockets are easily seen behind the chest cargo pockets. It should be noted that all Recce Smocks feature full flaps over the zippers. The zippers are exposed in this photo for clarity. Also visible are the sleeve pockets.
We forgive you if you thought this soldier was scratching himself. He is not though, he is showing off the zippered hand warmer pocket.

This feature was suggested by many users of the Recce Smock. A police style holster slot.
The holster slot is now closed and the wearer is all snug and warm.

The Drop Zone designers love a happy ending!

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