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Crye Precision set the tactical world on fire in 2001 with their ground breaking camouflage, MultiCam. They quickly followed up with their revolutionary combat shirt. This shirt was a combination of a knit, T-shirt like torso with regular woven fabric sleeves. The focus of the shirt was comfortable wear under vests, in particular armor and load bearing vests.

This style of shirt became known in the industry as a “hybrid” shirt. Half T-shirt, half combat shirt.

In 2008 we were asked to submit a design for use by one of Canada’s military units in Afghanistan.

It is that very design that we offer for public sale here.

The shirt is loaded with features that make the professional’s job easier. First and perhaps most important is the collar design. To aid in donning and doffing the shirt a YKK zipper is incorporated into the upright, mandarin collar. The zipper is backed with a full fabric guard to eliminate skin contact. Of course the mandarin collar, being and upright design, will go a long way to prevent chaffing of the wearer’s neck against vest and web gear.

For maximum mobility, the shoulders are a raglan cut with stretch panels in the underarm region.

As the torso has not pockets, cargo capacity has been retained by way of Drop Zone’s excellent, zippered sleeve pocket. Naturally the pocket is covered with loop tape for mounting IR patches. The elbow area of the sleeve has a padding pocket (you supply your own padding, we recommend tool box drawer liner) that is accessible by turning the sleeve inside out. For those who’s tasking requires administration or navigation, the designers at Drop Zone thoughtfully provided a dual pen pocket near the cuff. Interestingly the pen pocket is cut big enough for a water marker.

Add a dose of comfort to your combat uniform… order a Drop Zone Hybrid shirt.

Note these shirts are NOT Fire Retardant! Also note that the fabric content changes with the fabric color. If content is a deciding factor call your dealer or Drop Zone Tactical for the most current information.

Colors and Part Numbers:

PenCott Green
Pencott Green Zone
* XX Refers to the size code. Small is 01, Medium is 02, Large is 03, Extra Large is 04, and XX-Large is 05.
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