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It is not a commonly known fact, but it is damn near impossible to get a genuine U.S. Government specification BDU pant off the commercial shelf, despite the claims to the contrary made by many producers & sellers of commercially available BDU’s. The reasons for this short supply of the real deal, range from government contracts only allowing the overruns and factory seconds to be sold to the public, to the sewing factories determining the public would not pay for the very high quality standards (and associated costs) required by the government specification.

Both points are valid. However, regarding price, we feel it is up to the purchaser to determine what is too expensive.

Prior to undertaking manufacturing, over the years, we sold hundreds BDU’s purchased from other suppliers. We probably purchased almost as many back! We saw butt and knee patches tear off. Inseams come unstitched, and practically every button fall off.

Wash them and look out. Shrinkage destroyed them. Puzzling, as these BDU’s were from the better factories!

In 1996 we reviewed the BDU pant market and determined a quality unit must be produced.

Not being based in the U.S. and being very small we could not hope to build a “milspec” BDU, but undaunted, we determined we could exceed government specifications and offer Police forces and the general public the highest quality BDU pant in North America.

We did and these are not pussy pants!

We looked at construction, fabrics, and findings (zips, buttons, etc.) and bought the best we could find.

We tracked down the finest fabrics. In our solid colors we use a 12-ounce per linear yard 65/35 poly cotton blend we call Tactical Twill™. Camo patterns are a 60/40 blend in an 8.5-ounce per linear yard.

But it only starts at fabric. The original BDU pant specification called for a button fly that could be repaired in the field. This made sense as the specification was written in the early sixties and zippers still had reliability issues. Times have changed over 40 years and we use YKK® zippers for the fly.

Waist adjusters used cotton webbing and a metal buckle. Awkward to use and uncomfortable when carrying a backpack with a waist belt. We’ve replaced that with a Hook and Loop adjuster. Much more comfortable. Our Hook and Loop comes from Velcro® and/or YKK®.

Buttons, the scourge of the BDU, and those that have worn them will know what I am talking about will appreciate our solution. We use Canadian Military tape mounted buttons. Unlike the original specification, the Canadian buttons will rarely come loose.

The time-honored ritual of re-sewing buttons on your brand new BDU pants has come to an end.

Once the fabric and finding issues were nailed, construction was the priority. We use a 4-thread safety lock on the main seams for strength. All stress points are bar tacked on a computer controlled tacking machine. Knee and butt patches are given extra seam allowance to resist lifting.

The pocket linings are the same fabric as the rest of the pant. This prevents premature wear. What are your pockets lined with? True to the original, all pocket flaps are doubled to prevent buttons from snagging. The belt loops are a minimum of 2” making it easy to thread trouser belts. Starting in 2004 a hidden knife pocket will be added to the left hand cargo pocket. This feature has been on the right hand side pocket since 1998.

The cut is full, baggier than many so called BDU pants, as we build these trousers for professional users. Professionals may be called to climb or run at a moments notice and need the extra room.

The “Hollywood cut” might be great for posers, pussies, and carpet cops but it will not stand the test our customers put them through on a daily basis.

The waist is high, helping to keep shirts tucked in and belts on the crest of the hips. Nothing says “amateur” more than an armed guard with plumber butt!

Colors and Part Numbers:


Concrete Grey

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BDU Pant & Super Pant Size Selector Waist Size

Small: 27" to 31"
Medium: 31" to 35"
Large: 35" to 39"
Extra Large: 39" to 43"
Double Extra Large: 43" to 48"

Leg Inseam Length

Regular: 29" to 32"
Long: 32" to 35"
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