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Gear Girdle

The Drop Zone Gear Girdles are a godsend when it comes to jamming more gear into your pack! Sleeping Bags, sweaters (you should see this work with our Squeeze Me Parka!), vests, poncho liners, extra socks, and scarves, in fact, virtually any compressible item can be stuffed into one of these Gear Girdles and squeezed down to as little as 50% of its original volume.

Orders for an extended Recce? Called out on a search? Limited space for all the clothing you may need?

No problem! Just organize the gear you think you need into these stuff sacks and “crank’em down.”

Want to reduce your pack weight? Use the Gear Girdle to compress your bulky kit and use your smaller lighter patrol pack and leave your heavy ruck at home.

Our Gear Girdles are tough! We build them using 420d urethane coated, nylon pack cloth for durability and water proofness. Seams are double and triple stitched throughout, eliminating the chance of seam bursting.

The compression cap uses two layers of fabric allowing us to incorporate a hook & pile closed envelope pocket. Very handy for items you shouldn’t misplace such as keys or documents.

The compression straps are made of milspec webbing and are box stitched, preventing any chance of pull out. In keeping with our reputation for attention to detail, the compression strap buckles are provided with holes for the attachment of lanyards at the owners discretion. These lanyards will provide for easy operation with gloves and mitts.

After all Canada is a cold weather country.

Use is simple: Just lift the tension buckles, with your finger, on the four compression straps, releasing the tension. You can now slide the compression cap of the top of the Gear Girdle, exposing the opening of the Gear Girdle and the drawstring cord lock. Loosen the cord lock and stuff your gear into the opening. Pull the drawstring snug and slide the compression cap back over the top of the sack. Pull down on the compression straps to compress the load! The boss claims he sits on his Gear Girdle then pulls down on the straps using his body weight to get extra compression. He claims he gets maximum compression this way. We don’t doubt his claim!

We offer five sizes to meet needs of most people. The sizes stated are the “useful when closed” size. (Unlike the stated sizes of many our competitors who base their stated sack sizes with the sack measured while laying flat.)

Three colours to choose from: Swat Black, Olive Green, International Orange. Quit fighting with bulky obnoxious loads, Girdle your Gear!

Ordering Info

Size: Part Number: Measurements: Prices:
Small 17-13030502 15.5" x 7.5" 39cm x 19cm $59.99
Medium 17-13030503 16.5" x 9.0" 42cm x 23cm $64.99
Large 17-13030504 8.0" x 10.0" 46cm x 25cm $69.99
Extra Large 17-13030505 19.5" x 10.5" 49.5cm x 28cm $74.99
XX Large 17-13030506 22.5" x 13.0" 57cm x 33cm $79.99
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