Garrison Grade Sam Brown Belt - Drop Zone Tactical

While the Garrison Grade Sam Brown Belt may not be as exceptionally tough as the Drop Zone Sam Brown Belt, those looking for a solid and dependable belt at a fraction the cost will be pleasantly surprised. Security guards will find this belt particularly handy for carrying flashlights, batons, and tool pouches. Even EMT personnel can appreciate a place to quickly mount a med-kit while not having to pay a fortune for reliability. The belt itself is wide and quite durable, made from a double layer of dive (or ‘scuba’) webbing, which is normally used to hold air tanks and other gear onto a scuba diver’s equipment. The buckle is mil-spec and built to last.

If you use an inner belt, be sure to order a size larger than you normally would to compensate.

60-1304150202Garrison Grade Sam Brown BeltSmall (Fits 26 to 30)$19.99
60-1304150203Garrison Grade Sam Brown BeltMedium (Fits 30 to 34)$19.99
60-1304150204Garrison Grade Sam Brown BeltLarge (Fits 34 to 38)$19.99
60-1304150205Garrison Grade Sam Brown BeltX-Large (Fits 38 to 42)$19.99
60-1304150206Garrison Grade Sam Brown Belt2X-Large (Fits 42 to 46)$24.99
60-1304150207Garrison Grade Sam Brown Belt3X-Large (Fits 46 to 50)$24.99
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