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Our designers have found the success of any design is directly related to the amount of research that we put into it. Our now highly regarded Recce Smock is a testament to this lesson. We researched it for years, listened to our customers and re-engineered the classic British Army Wind Smock.

Our Recce Smock is one of the most successful designs in our history.

The design team, not being slouches, wanted to repeat the success of the Recce Smock with our new “long range recce pack”. So repeating the formula used in the smock design was called for, and the research period began. Over four years the crew looked at military pack designs from all over the world (including our own, now discontinued, 3 Day Recce Pack). They solicited advice and opinions from active soldiers as well. A recurring word of advice kept arriving, “Look at the Bergen.” they were told, and look they did.

The conclusion they made was straightforward. Bring the classic and proven, British military design, the Bergen into the 21st century. The Bergen was already highly regarded by professional soldiers throughout the world and proven in conflicts for nearly 3 decades. A tremendous foundation to build from!

The first and perhaps most important change the Drop Zone design team made was to bring the frame and suspension up to date. We adapted our proven Direct Load Transfer frame and waist belt design from our 3-Day Recce Pack. Albeit after beefing it up, as the 3-Day Recce was never intended to see the loads we expect the Mutha Ruka to carry. These upgrades included adding plastic reinforcing to the waist belt laminate, bring it up to five layers. The plastic plate has enhanced the support the waist belt provides by a huge margin! The frame rails were increased in width from ¾ of an inch to a full one inch.

It should be noted at this point that the frame rails and waist belt assembly could be withdrawn from the main pack body in a single unit. This ability makes it extremely easy, even for the neophyte to “bend” the frame rails to custom fit the users back profile.

To enhance waist belt comfort we added a lumbar pad that the user may remove should he wish too. Both the wait belt and lumbar pad are covered with a sweat absorbing, yet cushioning 3 D mesh. Two inch wide mil-spec webbing is used along with a 2” mil-spec side release buckle to close the waist belt snuggly around the user. To reduce balance robbing side sway gave the waist belt upper and lower side stabilizer straps, with pull toggles.

Unlike the British Bergen that inspired our design, our shoulder straps are fully adjustable. Eliminating the need to inventory “short” and “long” frame models (a boon to budget conscious agencies). They shoulder straps are individually height adjustable. They are lined with 3 D Mesh for cushion and sweat absorption. Load lifters, just like on the original British design are provided, as are quick pull toggles for fast adjustability.

We perfected this shoulder strap design a decade ago. It is wide for load distribution yet not over padded. Over padding just adds weight and bulk. In the event you have to make a snap shot while wearing the pack, an over padded shoulder strap could interfere with the rifle butt, in effect changing the sight radius and the trigger length of pull! This could prove disastrous should you miss that critical shot.

Knowing full well that most users will be wearing cold weather or tactical gloves we gave all the shoulder strap adjusters pull toggles for easy use. These pull toggles work so well we are told they make a great substitute for a quick release! All webbing ends are turned 90 degrees to prevent accidental pull through and to facilitate use with gloved hands.

The shoulder straps feature a sternum strap that is height and width adjustable. D-rings are also provided; they are ideal for hanging heavy items such as binos.

The main bag is made of mil-spec 1000d Cordura® that is fully urethane coated for weather-proof ness. All exposed edges are taped with mil-spec seam binding tape to resist fraying. Mil-spec black oxide grommets are set into the base for water drainage. A 420d nylon spindrift collar with a cord locked drawstring at the base of the collar, as well as the top work to further seal out nature.

Two oversize compression straps wrap around the main bag, compressing the load. Two mil-spec side release buckles secure the straps. These straps are cut generously enough to allow the user to secure items to the main bag under the compression straps!

Boy, you’d just about think our designers have humped a ruck once or twice!

But main bag details don’t end here. MOLLE/PALS loops are strategically placed around the bag for greater versatility.

The main bag is then topped off with a full floating hood. Our full floating hood design rides on four 1” mil-spec web straps and adjusts with mil-spec buckles. On the front, they are tabular buckles, with you guessed it. More pull toggles! On the rear, side release buckles are provided for quick access. The hood itself contains a zippered compartment. The underside of the hood is finished with our exclusive M.U.L.E.S. Mk2 bandoleers.

These bandoleers allow the user to attach pouches with electrical wire tie, MOLLE, ITW Annex clip, Velcro One Wrap strap, MALICE clip, and ALICE clip systems.

The outer top of the hood features the M.U.L.E.S. Mk2 bandoleers as well.

Wow! Talk about organizational versatility.

In keeping with the spirit of the original British design, removable side pockets are provided, as is a complete harness. This harness allows side pockets to be attached alone or in tandem for use as a patrol pack.

The side pockets are secured to the main bag with #12 Ykk® zippers and mil-spec side release buckles. Within each of the side pocket is a pocket for placing a water bladder. You supply your favorite bladder of course. Like the main bag each pocket is fitted with a mil-spec grommet for drainage.

Can one pack satisfy all your tactical needs? We bet the Mutha Ruka can!
Approximate dimensions:(H x L x D) (inches / centimeters)
Main Bag:24.8” x 17.6” x 8” / 62cm x 44cm x 20cm
Hood:5.2” x 13.6” x 6” / 13cm x 34cm x 15cm
Each Pocket:12.8” x 8” x 4” / 32cm x 20cm x 10cm
Approximate capacity:(cubic inches / litres)
Main Bag:3491.8 cu. in. / 54.56 l
Hood:424.3 cu. in. / 6.63 l
Each Pocket:409 cu. in. / 6.4 l
Total:4734 cu. in. / 73.99 l

Colors and Part Numbers

Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
PenCott GreenZone
PenCott GreenZone

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