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Sometimes it is hard to believe that water bladders for back packing have been with us since the late ‘80’s. In that time many creative designers have come up with the concept of “bladder compatible” backpacks. Many of us embraced this concept with open arms, only to be sorely disappointed. A number of reasons fueled this disappointment:

A fix for an inherently flawed concept!

The Drop Zone designers determined that best place for a drink bladder would be in its own pocket, outside the main pack or load bearing vest pocket.

By placing the bladder outside the pack or vest, refilling would be a breeze. Outside the main pack compartment there would be no undue pressure on the bladder, eliminating the “endless dribble syndrome” as well as the possibility of leakage caused by bladder seam failure.

As we do not manufacture a proprietary bladder of our own (there are more than enough on the market already) our designers decided this pocket should fit most readily available bladders.

The concept for an external bladder pocket was refined in brainstorming sessions and M.U.L.E.S. bandoleers were added to the front, and MOLLE/PALS were added to the rear, for a near endless combination of mounting options.

Prototypes were built and a cadre of testers were given these prototypes to try. And tested they were. The bladder pockets were tested in the Canadian Rockies and on Canadian Army training bases. Results were analyzed.

A tuck here.

A nip there.

The Drop Zone Bladder Bagger™ was completed.

The Bladder Bagger™ is big enough to hold bladders up to 4 litres!

Our testers found the, 4 litre capable, Bladder Bagger™ when used with a 2 litre bladder, leaves enough room for the placement of a re-useable ice pack. Keeping the water cool. Soldiers tell us when using the Bladder Bagger™ with the smaller bladders they stuff rations in the pocket. Some even stuff in spare socks!

To keep your bladder secure, the “Bagger” is accessed from the top via a #8 YKK brand coil zipper with two sliders. These zipper sliders also allow for drink tube access.

The M.U.L.E.S. bandoleers allow the attachment of the Bladder Bagger to load bearing vests and packs that are MOLLE/PALS compatible. The Bladder Bagger’s mounting bandoleers have proven so versatile, we’ve even had reports of ingenious infantry solders using the M.U.L.E.S. bandoleers and Zap Straps to secure the Bladder Bagger™ to their web gear harness yoke eliminating the need for a separate bladder hauling backpack.

For those that prefer to use their Bladder Bagger™ as a separate day-pack, we have provided simple, but fully adjustable, and removable shoulder straps with an integral sternum strap.

Eliminate your bladder problems with the Drop Zone Bladder Bagger™. Order one today!

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