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Military packs (small or large) have never been noted for their high comfort factor. Nor have they been noted for being on the cutting edge of current backpack technology. It sometimes seems as though that by the time the mountaineers and backpackers have moved on to a new design, the military decides to adopt the discarded style!

We believe we hit the solution for a purpose built, military small pack, with our Drop Zone Assault Pack way back in 1996. At that time the only military “day” packs we found were versions of a mountaineer’s top loading klettersac with magazine pockets tacked on, or a child’s school book bag in cleverly disguised in olive drab.

Since that time our Assault Pack has undergone many detail changes, but the basic design philosophy and cut has remained unchanged

It is an easy to access panel loading pack.

It is not a mountaineers top loading “klettersack”.

It is sized for an adult’s torso …not a child’s torso like a child’s school book bag. Since we introduced our adult sized panel loading pack, many manufacturers have come up with panel loading “assault packs”.

Perhaps a testimony to great concept?

This pack is designed to be both durable and comfortable while meeting the demands of the military and recreational user alike. And of course, its compatible with the popular M.O.L.L.E. system, which in turn means it will work with most modern military load bearing gear.

The Drop Zone Assault Pack is technically a panel loader, meaning the front of the pack unzips rather than having the top or hood to lift off. Panel loaders, are far easier to access than top loaders. Quick access can be a definite advantage when things get hairy!

This shot shows the spacious interior. The eagle eyed will have spootedd the MOLLE/PALS webbing on the back wall and the flap. Behind the back wall is a pocket for a 2 litre water bladder. You will also note that the raw edges of the fabric are seam bound.

Panel loaders have traditionally been thought to be less durable than top loaders and in most cases this is correct. To make a panel loader reliable you must use expensive, large, heavy duty zips. This adds to the cost, but the advantage of quick access outweighs the cost savings. Planning for every contingency, though, our designers have backed up the zipper with two quick release straps that do double duty as load compression straps.

The panel mounts three interior pockets. One, a quick access envelope pocket, the second, an envelope pocket that closes fully with Velcro®, keeping valuables secure. And the third, a zip closed mesh pocket.

The main body of the pack is made from 1000 denier mil spec air bulked nylon for abrasion resistance. All of the webbing is mil spec. The access zipper is a #10 coil (translation: its a big heavy duty sucker of a zip). All buckles are mil spec for durability. The interior of the main body features a hidden “water bladder” pocket. The drink tube port is made of neoprene for a weather tight seal. MOLLE/PALS are sewn into the interior making a perfect mounting point for a radio. Like the drink tube port, the antenna port is made for neoprene for a weather tight seal.

This is a 3/4 view of the Assault Pack with some Drop Zone pouches atached. The pouches are a 6 x 6 Utility Pouch and two G36 Mag Pouches. They are all built in CadPat™ fabric. Build it the way you want in! Ya gotta' love modular systems!

This is a 3/4 view of the Assault Pack with some Drop Zone pouches atached. The pouches are a 6 x 6 Utility Pouch and two G36 Mag Pouches. They are all built in CadPat™ fabric. Build it the way you want in! Ya gotta' love modular systems!

Never forgetting that our home is Canada, and Canada by virtue of its latitude is a cold weather country, we built the pack for superior cold weather operation. The big beefy zip has pulls with knobs on the end for ease of use with gloved hands. These same pulls can be found on the harness adjusting buckles, allowing for the same high level of gloved hand ease of operation. The haul loop is oversized, accommodating the bulkiest of hand-wear.

The waist belt, a 2" wide milspec web, for comfort and stability, is cut extra long to allow for bulky clothing. The waist belt is removable. This option is important as in many cases an integral waist belt may interfere with various harnesses and/or vests, be they load bearing, climbing, or rappelling.

And since we are on the subject of belts and straps, note that the shoulder straps are contour cut and extra wide. The extra width and special contour cut allows for use when worn with LBV’s, Chest rigs and harness suspenders. Compare that with other so called “assault”, “day packs” or “patrol packs”. Not only is the strap wider and cut with the skill of a French couture it is padded with a thin, ultra high resilience foam, which is then backed up with our extremely breathable 3 dimensional mesh. All of these ingredients make for a low bulk, high comfort shoulder strap that will conform to load bearing gear worn underneath. An added benefit of this high comfort, low bulk design is that it will not interfere with rifle butt placement while shooting or ice axes when climbing!

But wait there’s more!

The shoulder strap adjustment buckles are fitted with pull strings and knobs. This pull arrangement was originally fitted to make adjustment easier while wearing gloves but is has also proven to be an effective quick release. . . just pull up on the string and the shoulder strap loosens quickly allowing the wearer to withdraw his arm. The shoulder strap incorporates the sternum strap which is mounted on sliders with generous vertical travel, again allowing the user to tailor the fit! Our designers thoughtfully fitted the shoulder straps with d-rings, perfect for use with heavy binoculars or cameras. For extra heavy loads, the shoulder straps have also been fitted with load lifters at the top. The load lifters literally lift the load off the shoulders, but keep in mind they will not work with partially load packs.

The back pad is lined with our 3 dimensional mesh adding to the level of padding as well as insuring additional breathability during those hot dusty summer humps. We feel we cannot over emphasize the importance of the 3 dimensional mesh. It really works! All one has to do is carry one of our items with the 3 dimensional mesh, then carry some one else’s product without the mesh. The change in comfort will be immediately apparent.

Soldiers, hikers, mountaineers and SAR personnel will appreciate the MOLLE/PALS loops as well as the near endless supply of “bandoleers” and “daisy chains” suitable for mounting magazine and utility pouches or additional gear. Many of the MOLLE/PALS have been terminated in loops, rather than raw edges. These loops are ideal for attaching shock cord hooks or carabiners to!

The Drop Zone Assault pack has upped the “patrol pack / daypack” ante!

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Coyote Brown
Coyote Brown
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Pencott Green Zone
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