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About Us

Drop Zone™ is a trademark used to identify the Police, Military and Public Safety Products. The Drop Zone brand was founded in 1981 with the aim to supply people who work outdoors with the finest in clothing and safety products. In the 1990’s the Canadian Armed Forces built a large army base less than a half hour from Drop Zone’s doorstep enlarging the target market for Drop Zone products almost overnight.

Soldiers have always sought out the very best in clothing and equipment to enhance their capability in the field and Drop Zone line of clothing and gear quickly became a favorite with the troops.

The tragedy of Sept 11 brought forth a huge demand for increased security and public safety. Canada entered the “War on Terrorism” and the demand for Drop Zone products skyrocketed with sales to government agencies as well as defense and security equipment dealers and distributors on both sides of the Canada – United States border. Drop Zone all but abandoned the “wilderness safety supply” market to concentrate on the Drop Zone military and tactical product lines.

SC Defense Group Ltd, the current owner’s of the Drop Zone trademark, manufacturers 99% of the Drop Zone labeled products in its Edmonton factory and private labels product for several other companies. SC Defense Group Ltd. also works as a sub-contractor for U.S. based defense contractors, building product lines and R&D work such as prototyping. SC Defense Group Ltd. also does design and prototype work for government agencies. Drop Zone products have seen the most severe duty the world can dish out and have survived with flying colors. Let us clothe and equip you for your next assignment.

The Fine Print:

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